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5 These Drinks Can Increase Energy in the Morning

During sleep, the body can lose a lot of fluids. This certainly can make you feel not fresh when you wake up in the morning, especially if you do not consume enough fluids. Therefore, let's, consume the following drinks, to increase your energy in the morning. Besides being beneficial to restore lost body fluids, eating the right drinks in the morning is also beneficial for increasing energy and metabolism. That way, you will be ready to go through the day with a fresh body. Various Types of Beverages You Can Choose The first drink that you should consume first when you wake up is water. Ideally, you are advised to consume one glass of water when you wake up. This is useful to increase metabolism, get rid of toxins from the body, and of course meet the fluid needs. In addition to water, you can also consume some of the drinks below: 1. Infused water If you feel uncomfortable to drink one glass of water when you wake up, you can drink infused water or water mixed with piec
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9 Habits That Can Interfere with Eye Health

Eyes are a window to see the beauty of the world. Therefore, his health is important to be maintained. Although you have tried to maintain good eye health, but it could be, without realizing you are doing some trivial habits that can interfere with eye health. Due to the dense daily activities, maybe we are often negligent in maintaining eye health. In order for the eyes to stay healthy, there are some habits that need to be avoided, namely: 1. Spend a lot of time in front of the screen gadget Many interacting with a computer screen, tablet or smartphone in a long time can cause eye fatigue and headaches. This happens because when you look at the gadget screen, eye muscles will go the extra mile. In addition, the blue light from the screen of your gadget can also cause macular degeneration in the retina of the eye, which if ignored, will lead to blindness. Use the 20-20-20 formula when interacting with gadgets, i.e. every 20 minutes staring at the gadget screen, look away 20 fe

Overcoming the Prickly Heat of Infants to Avoid Serious Conditions

Appears red spots that seem to feel itchy on the baby's skin is one of the main characteristics of prickly heat. Although it is common, prickly heat in babies can be a sign of the risk of dangerous conditions. Prickly heat or miliaria occurs due to a blockage in the pores of the skin, so sweat cannot come out. Prickly heat caused by baby's skin pores smaller than the pores of adult skin. In addition, the baby's sweat glands are not fully formed. Red rash prickly heat is usually seen in folds of skin or areas covered by clothing, such as the neck, abdomen, chest, or buttocks. Rashes can also occur on the head, if your baby often wears a hat. Pricklyness can be dangerous Prickly heat in babies is generally not a serious condition. This condition can even subside in a few days. Noteworthy is the cause of prickly heat, namely heat. Overheating has the potential to cause serious conditions, such as sudden infant death due to overheating during sleep. In some cases, overhe